Anakin Fanatic-kin (sith_wench) wrote in marryshagcliff,
Anakin Fanatic-kin

Let's put a little bite into the comm

What would you do with the following vampires?

David Boreanez as Angel

Gary Oldman as Dracula

Tom Cruise as Lestat.

For me. I would marry Angel because although we couldn't have that "perfect moment of happiness" he is great to look at and would be a great trophy husband. I'd shag Dracula because Oldman was super dangerous and hot in that role.

I would not merely cliff Lestat. I would tie him to a large boulder, place flesh eating bugs all over him, set him on fire, and have large hooks attached to his ears that would rip them off as I shoved him off the cliff.
(Then I would go find Louis and add him to the shag club;)
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