theskirtgirlie (theskirtgirlie) wrote in marryshagcliff,

Rock Stars=Yes?

Tonight's Category:

Liam Gallagher of Oasis.

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age

Pete Doherty of Babyshambles/that puddle of vomit on the men's room floor.

I know this is a difficult one but I'm going with:
Marry- Josh Homme, since he's already married and polygamy's mostly illegal.
Shag- Pete Doherty, because he's a complete mess and that's normally what I go for.
Cliff- Liam Gallagher, because of "Eeew."

Cross-posted in my journal, so sorry if 2 of you see it twice.
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I think the real question is; will anyone cliff Josh Homme? Sure, he's kind of a douche, but compared to the other two? Yes.

Cliff Pete Doherty, and see if he even notices.
Shag Liam Gallagher, because he's probably quite good in bed.
Marry Josh Homme. Polygamy isn't that bad, really!
Very true. He's just got the douche-bag look. Which gets confusing.

I'm pretty sure that Liam and Pete are the Wonder Twins of Douchery.
Eurgh, I'd cliff all three of them. Alright, since that's not really an option, I'd marry Josh Homme, and even though I'm sure I'd catch something from Pete, I'd shag him, because I can't find Liam even remotely attractive. Liam gets the cliff.
Marry: Josh Homme. Cause that pic of him and Brody Dalle in Rolling Stone was Hawt.
Shag: Liam Gallagher. See alternative.
Cliff: Pete Doherty. Becasue of that puddle of vomit on the men's room floor.